Wildlife Sample Questions

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1.This song is being sung by what species of bird?

a.Cerulean Warbler
b.Eastern Bluebird
c.Vesper Sparrow
d.Mute Swan

2.Habitat is the place where an animal lives. It provides for the needs required by the animal to survive. The number of animals a habitat can support in good health is known as its _______

a.bionic potential
b.harvestable surplus
c.carrying capacity
d.home range

3.Many of the wildlife species of New York live in a certain habitat because of their needs to survive or physical adaptations that help them live in the habitat. Least suited for a swamp/marsh habitat are__________.

b.Redwing Blackbirds

4.During the last century, human impacts on our planet have led to an increasing and alarming loss of biodiversity. Scientists estimate that current extinction rates exceed those of prehistoric mass extinctions. Loss of biodiversity also means loss of genetic diversity and loss of ecosystems. In New York State the major cause for declines in species populations is which of the following?

a.habitat destruction, alteration and fragmentation
b.the spread of invasive species
d.illegal collection
e.climate change

5.The following habitat management activities; 1) elimination of barriers that hinder migration between ponds and nest or hibernation sites, 2) placement of “turtle crossing” signs to warn motorists of the turtle’s presence in key areas, and 3) maintenance of open areas for nesting, have been recommended to protect which species?

a.Eastern mud turtle
b.Diamondback terrapin
c.Loggerhead sea turtle
d.Bog turtle

6.Only the basic hunter education course is required to obtain a license to hunt waterfowl outside of special hunting areas. In addition to a small game hunting license what other requirement is necessary to hunt ducks in New York State?

a.Waterfowl hunter education course certificate
b.Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp.
c.36 square inches of hunter orange clothing
d.a boat

7.New York State’s Legislature has recognized certain wildlife species as significant to the state and designated them as state symbols. The state bird, fish, mammal and reptile are _____.

a.Bluebird, Brook Trout, White-tailed Deer and Spotted Turtle
b.Blue Jay, Speckled Trout, Beaver and Milk Snake
c.Bald Eagle, Speckled Trout, White-tailed Deer and Painted Turtle
d.Bluebird, Brook Trout, Beaver and Snapping Turtle

8.Didymo (Didymosphenia geminata), also known as “rock snot,” is a non-native invasive microscopic algae (diatom) that can produce large amounts of stalk material to form thick brown mats on stream bottoms. Didymo threatens aquatic habitat, biodiversity and recreational opportunities. The only known method for controlling or eradicating didymo once it infests a water body is which of the following?

a.Inspect, Clean and Dry method
b.Weekly electroshocking the stream
c. Chlorination
d.There is no known control method

9.Little brown bats, the most common hibernating species of bats in New York, have sustained the largest number of bat deaths from which of the following diseases?

a.Brain worm
b.Type E botulism
d.White-nose syndrome