Soil and Land Use References

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Soil Resources

I. Soil

From The Surface Down4H Soil Handbook , Soil Biology , Soil Biodiversity , Intro to Soil Quality

II. Soil Characteristics

Master Horizons & Layers,  Keys to Soil Taxonomy,   Soil Formation&Classification ,  Soil Compaction , Soil Carbon & Nitrogen , Soil Water , Soil GlueSoil Structure & Macropores ,  Assessing Soil Quality ,  Infiltration , Indicate,Aggregate Stability , Organic Matter , Soil Crusts , Soil Texture Triangle

III. Soil Surveys

Urban Soils Primer,  How to use a Soil Survey

IV. Water Quality and Agriculture

Water Quality and Agriculture ,  Soil Biology & Land Management

V. Erosion & Sedimentation

Building Soils for Better CropsUnderstanding Soil Risks & HazardsSoil Quality Resource Concern-Soil ErosionConservation Crop Rotation,  Erosion On Construction Sites ,  Soil Quality Resource Concern-Soil Erosion , Managing Soil Organic Matter ,  Effects of Soil Erosion

VI. Hydric Soils

Field Indicators,  Hydric Soils

Website References

USDA-NRCS Soils – A site for “Helping People Understand Soils.”
Soil and Water Conservation Society
National Science & Technology LEFT – Soil Biological Communities
Web Soil Survey  (allows online viewing of soil survey maps and reports. This new application greatly enhances access to information on soils.)Soil Data Mart (determine if spatial and/or tabular data of soil survey is available for specific county for viewing in ArcGIS)
Demonstrations in Soil Science  – These “demonstrations” reference are not expected by the students, but they should be familiar with the principals behind each experiment and the soils properties that the experiments are demonstrating.
Keys to Soil Taxonomy
Soil Quality Resource Concerns: Soil Erosion