Soils and Land Use Sample Questions

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A soil developed in “glacial outwash” refers to its:

a) Moisture condition
b) Temperature classification
c) Parent material
d) None of the above

What size might a single sand particle be?

a) 3 millimeters
b) 3 centimeters
c) .03 millimeters

Which of the following sentences makes the most sense?

a) The consistence of the soil is friable.
b) The consistence of the soil is subangular blocky.
c) The consistence of the soil is silt loam.

Use of Soil Survey Reports:

On the soil map provided, what direction is point A in relation to point B?

a) Point A is Southeast of point B
b) Point A is Southwest of point B
c) Point A is Northwest of point B
d) Point A is Northeast of point B

What soil map unit occurs at the intersection of NYS Rte. 28 and County
Rte. 12?

a) MrB – Mardin silt loam, 3 to 8 percent slopes
b) WeB – Wellsboro channery loam, 3 to 8 percent slopes
c) MwB – Mardin and Wellsboro soils, gently sloping
d) MoB – Morris silt loam, 2 to 8 percent slopes

In the tables within the soil survey report, what is the suitability rating of map unit MwB for camp areas?

a) Severe: slope
b) Moderate: small stones
c) Slight

Field Exercises:

Consulting the three soil samples provided (labeled 1, 2 or 3), which soil has a texture of sandy loam?

a) Soil 1
b) Soil 2
c) Soil 3

Using either the clinometer provided or a visual estimate, determine the slope of the soil surface between the two marked stakes. The stakes are 50 feet apart. Choose the slope range that includes your determination.

a) 0 to 3 percent
b) 4 to 8 percent
c) 9 to 15 percent
d) 16 to 25 percent
e) 26 to 35 percent

In the soil pit, what type of structure exists within the horizon marked by the large nail?

a) Blocky
b) Prismatic
c) Platey
d) Granular