Identification of NYS Species

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I.     Wildlife

Bats,   Bear,   Beaver,   Bobcat,   Canada Goose, Coyote, Deer, Eagles & Osprey, Fisher, Foxes, Grouse, Herons, Mink &Muskrat, Otter, Owls, Pheasant, Rabbit, Racco on, Raptors, ShunkWeasels, WildTurkey, Woodcock, Woodpeckers, Woodrat, Smithsonian Mammal Guide, Amphibians & Reptiles, Bluebird, Bog Turtle,  Wild Turkey, WetlandMammals, Ringneck, Grassland Birds, Bats, Small Mammals,   LargeMammals, Eastern Bluebird, Cottontail, Flying Mammals, Marine Mammals,Birds, Insects, Tracks, Track Card, Age of Deer,  Mammal Skulls, Skulls & Teeth,Hinterland Who’s Who

II.     Wildlife Ecology

NE Wildlife, Wildlife Ecology, Early Successional Habitat, Management Considerations, American Woodcock Habitat BMPs,Habitat Disturbance, BackyardHabitat, Mortality Fact Sheet Crypsis-Mimicry, Biodiverstity, Biodiversity Brochure, Climate Change and Bio Diversity

III.      Wildlife Conservation and Management

 Managing Whitetail Deer in Urban NY, Hunting, Waterbird Fact Sheet, Songbird Fact Sheet, Deer Management, WhitetailDeer, Moose, Coyotes,Black Bear, Fields & Grassland Birds, Hayfields & Grassland Birds, 2016 DEC Migratory Bird Guide, 2015-2016 Hunting and Trapping Guide,
Migratory Bird Fact Sheet

IV.      Issues Involving Wildlife and Society

 Nuisance & Invasive SpeciesDelisting, Recovery, Endangered, Karner Blue Butterfly, Current NY T&E List, Extirpated, NE Cottontails, HCP, Critical Habitat, What You Can Do, NY Wildlife Diseases, Bird Flu

Additional References:

 Bird Guide, Photo Gallery, FoodChain, Artificial Nesting, Biodiversity, Cool SeasonGrasses, Cropfield, Freshwater Wetland, Habitat IssueOld FieldPages from Damageid Complete, Pasture & Hayland, Riparian, Snags, Urban Management, Wetland Woodland, Planting Trees,Blackbirds, Bluejay, Bob White, Cardinal, Chicks & Creeps, Chipmunk, Crows & Ravens, Diving Ducks, DoveElk, FinchesFlycatchers, Hummingbird, Kingfisher, Mallar d, Mice &Moles, Mockingbird, Nighthawk, Opossum, Porcupin e, Puddle duck, Rails, ShewsSnowgoose, Snowshoe, Squirrels, Swallows, T anagers, Thrushes, TowheeTundra Swan,Turkey, Vireos, Vultures, Warblers, Woodchuc kWerns, WoodduckWater Fowl

Website References:

 NYS DEC Endangered Program
NYS Fishing Regulations Guide
NYS Hunting and Trapping Guide
NYS DEC Bureau of Wildlife