IdentiFlyer Lyric Discount for Envirothon Participants

It’s Envirothon Practice Time again!

The BirdSong IdentiFlyer Lyric is offering a 10% envirothon discount to Envirothon Participants:

The new “mnemonic” feature of IdentiFlyer Lyric has made the learning process even easier because the students have useful words that help them remember the bird and frog songs.

The IdentiFlyer Lyric has these features that help the students with their contest:
130 commonly seen and heard birds, and 10 frogs
The bird’s name
The bird’s picture and field marks
The bird’s song
Mnemonic words that help to recognize and remember the song
Birds are grouped by their habitat
The songs can be repeated quickly by pressing a button
It is easy to compare songs
Here’s a short video of how it works: