2018 Current Issue Study Guide

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The 2018 Current Topic is Western Rangeland Management: Balancing Diverse Views

Western rangelands include prairies and grasslands, sagebrush steppes, and woodland areas.  Rangelands comprise more than 40% of the total productive land base in the western U.S.  Rangelands sustain an abundance of forage for both livestock and wildlife, as well as providing aesthetic beauty enjoyed by many. Rangeland resources are a critically important ecosystem component of the western US  landscape and are a vital economic factor for many agricultural producers.

Western rangeland management objectives include grazing, timber harvest,recreational uses (including hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc.) and mining.  Western rangelands are diverse and rich in natural resources and provide an essential fresh water source for all of the western U.S. Public land managers and agriculturalists work to protect these resources to ensure their sustainability for generations to come.


Other Resources

Be familiar with what “Noxious Weeds” are, and the State and Federal Laws that govern how they are enforced.

The difference between “Noxious Weeds” and Invasives, We in New York do not have “Noxious Weed Laws” and this will be a new concept to understand.

Prescribed Burning: 



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