Envirothon Committee Contact Information

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Contact Information

Blanche Hurlbutt

Advisory Member

E-mail: E-mail Blanche
Phone: 607.965.6316
JoAnn Kurtis Advisory Member
Vice Chairperson

Kristin White, Secretary & Treasurer

Seneca County SWCD
NYS CDEA Treasurer

E-Mail: E-Mail Kristin
Phone: 315.835.6030

Robert Shenk

Cattarugus County SWCD

Phone: 716.699.2326

Allan Fagan

Wyoming County SWCD

Phone: 585.786.5070

Chelsea Bartlett

Steuben County SWCD

Phone:  607.776.7398 Ext. 3

Jody Applebee

Steuben County SWCD

Phone:  607.776.73988409

Miranda Palmer

Tioga County SWCD

Phone:  607-687-3553

Chastity Miller

Franklin County SWCD

Phone: 518.483.2850 Ext. 5

Allycia Leach

Franklin County SWCD

Phone:  518.483.2850 Ext. 5

MaryLynne Malone Orange County Water Authority Phone: 845.234.5025 or 845.351.2967
Susan Odell-Peppe Suffolk County SWCD Phone:  631.852.3288
Ernie Swift NYACD Phone:  607.776.4777
Fred VonMechow Oral Presentation Adviser 607.674.4214
E-mail Fred
Dean Moore Warren County SWCD
Oral Presentation Adviser

E-mail Dean

Tony Lufen Ye Volunteer


Mark Applebee Volunteer


Vacant NYS Soil and Water Conservation Committee
Paul Gier Empire State Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society

Vacant USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services






Why not Volunteer to serve on the
NYS Envirothon Committee?

It is fun and rewarding … these students need your help so we can provide them an exciting educational event!

Click on the link above for more information.