Envirothon Committee Contact Information

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Contact Information

Blanche Hurlbutt

Advisory Member

E-mail: E-mail Blanche
Phone: 607.965.6316
JoAnn Kurtis NRCS  Rep
Vice Chairperson

Kristin White, Secretary & Treasurer

Seneca County SWCD
NYS CDEA Treasurer

E-Mail: E-Mail Kristin
Phone: 315.835.6030

Robert Shenk

Cattarugus County SWCD

Phone: 716.699.2326

Allan Fagan

Wyoming County SWCD

Phone: 585.786.5070

Chelsea Bartlett

Steuben County SWCD

Phone:  607.776.7398 Ext. 3

Miranda Palmer Tioga County SWCD Phone:  607-687-3553
MaryLynne Malone Orange County Water Authority Phone: 845.234.5025 or 845.351.2967
Susan Odell-Peppe Suffolk County SWCD Phone:  631.852.3288
Ernie Swift NYACD Phone:  607.776.4777
Dean Moore Warren County SWCD
Oral Presentation Adviser
E-mail Dean
Paul Gier Empire State Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society
Fred VonMechow Oral Presentation Adviser 607.674.4214
E-mail Fred
Tony Lufen Ye Volunteer
Vacant NYS Soil and Water Conservation Committee





Why not Volunteer to serve on the
NYS Envirothon Committee?

It is fun and rewarding … these students need your help so we can provide them an exciting educational event!

Click on the link above for more information.