Aquatic Ecology Outline

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I. Abiotic Factors

A. Water Cycle

B. Watershed Features

1. Stream Order
2. Stream Health Factors
3. Identify Boundaries

C. Water Conditions

1. Physical
2. Chemical
3. Biological

II. Biotic Factors

A. Energy Flow

B. Carrying Capacity

C. Identify Aquatic Species (Plants, Fish, Amphibians, Micro and Macro Invertebrates)

1. Common
a. Basic Physiology
b. Lifecycles
c. Habitat
2. Rare, Threatened, Endangered
3. Invasive
4. Water Quality indicators

III. Aquatic Environments

A. Wetlands
1. Definition
2. Characteristics
3. Functions/Importance/Values

B. Riparian Zones

C. Aquifers and Groundwater

D. Ponds and Lakes
1. Temperature Zones
2. Vegetation

IV. Water Protection and Conservation

A. Water Quality and Pollution
1. Groundwater
2. Surface Water

B. Types of Pollution

1. Point Source
2. Nonpoint Source
3. Thermal
4. Control methods

C. Management and Legislation
1. Laws
2. Agencies