Welcome to New York State Envirothon

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Today’s students will be tomorrow’s property owners, government officials, parents, and teachers. Make a fun investment in the future of our environment.

NYS Envirothon is looking for volunteers for this year's competition, can we count on you to VOLUNTEER?

You can also contact our Volunteer Coordinator, MaryLynne at NYS Envirothon.

This is our next generation of green leaders ...

NYS State Envirothon, sponsored by the New York State Soil and Water Conservation District is designed to ...

"Test students’ knowledge and understanding of natural resource issues within New York State.

Cultivate students’ desire to learn more about our natural resources and environmental issues. 

The spirit of competition

The spirit of competition stimulates students’ interests in environmental concerns and motivates them to further develop their skills and grow into environmentally-aware, action-oriented adults.

Envirothon activities begin locally with teams of five 9th through 12th grade students competing for their County Envirothon title. Local competitions are sponsored by their Conservation Districts, with a helping hand from local environmental recreational civic groups and businesses.

County winners then move on to the state contest where their knowledge is challenged in five areas: aquatic ecology, forestry, soils & land use, wildlife, and the current environmental issue.


Our Approach

Our Story

aquatic biology station

NYS teams place high at North American Envirothon (NCF)

Once a team is chosen as State Envirothon Champion, its members become New York State’s representatives at the North American Envirothon . NYS teams consistently placed in the top ten for the Canon Competition, the predecessor to our current Envirothon. This tradition held true for over two decades between 1990 and 2011.

Last year we placed 2nd nationally and this year we’re hoping to once again take the gold medal, a feat last achieved in 2013.

Interested in Participating?

Register to participate in the New York Envirothon program at your local Soil and Water Conservation District office. Contact your local Soil and Water office for more information about registering your team!